Rex Daisy

Have you ever heard someone swallow while they choke? Of course not. But that hollow silence became the soundtrack of my world. 

No, I am not natural, not born from nature, but I fought the technocrats and all the rulers of my planet who wanted to discard me for something more efficient. We were so innovative that we could store all information imaginable, heaped in 13-square-inch units. 

Soon, our planet’s space was found to be inefficient, and so we replaced each square inch of rock with a square inch of polycarbonate. Our planet became plasticized, a pool of polymer and steel. Our oceans became digital. So many lights lit that you couldn’t see a single natural colour. Day would grind blindly into night and back. Our sky couldn’t be seen. Our sun was lost.

I couldn’t sit idly by. I fought them, scratched and crawled, but in the end I fled. They wanted every bit of information, and I was the only one that got away.

When I landed here, on Earth, I found myself on an August Lily, whose flowers open only at night. Its leaves have become my home; its petals close around me every morning. One morning, while I lay protected, others from my planet came. Unused to the sight of nature, they orbited low but could not find me. 

They will come for me again, but when they do, I will have this garden to protect me.

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