Turning CDs into unique, collectible art.

Serious about music? Serious about art? Monumentalize your favourite musician with a sculpture made from real CDs…

Real CDs

CDCREATIVE sculptures are made from actual CDs. The CD is precisely broken and the CD artwork on it is remixed. The sculpture ‘upcycles’ the CD and becomes a monument to the original musician, that will be cherished by its beholder through this original, and truly unique, piece of art.

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Two Tektile sculptures made from real CDs

Decorate Your Home

Each CDCREATIVE sculpture is bold and eye-catching. Find the special spot in your home for yours: on a shelf, bookcase, the kitchen counter, or anywhere you can use an extra boost of inspiration. Art like this is sure to start a conversation with your guests!

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Two Tektile sculptures displayed on a shelf near plants

Decorate Your Office

A CDCREATIVE sculpture is a great way to spice up your desk… a loyal desk buddy that encourages micro-breaks, inspiring you to imagine and create. A definite boost to productivity!

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Two Tektile sculptures displayed on a desk with keyboard

Give the Gift

Know someone who loves music? Give the gift of a CDCREATIVE sculpture made from their favourite artist.

Contact us to arrange a custom order…

A Tektile and its packaging


Yes. Each CDCREATIVE sculpture is made from original music or software CDs.

We currently ship to Canada and the USA; Contact us for a shipping estimate to other countries by providing us your full address.

We love custom orders. All CDCREATIVE designs can be recreated with different CDs. If there is a specific CD you want to use, there are a few options:
Option 1: We can try to find it locally and charge you the cost of the CD.
Option 2: If we can’t find it locally, we can order it online through online marketplaces.
Option 3: You can ship us the CD(s) you want us to use.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss custom orders.

Absolutely not. CDCREATIVES are sculptures that are meant to be for display only, and must be handled carefully. They are not toys. Furthermore, some have sharp edges and small parts that are not safe for children.

CDCREATIVES are covered by a 30-day warranty from any defects; simply send it back within 30 days of receiving for repair or replacement. Otherwise, CDCREATIVE sculptures are quite durable, and handled carefully, they will last forever. However, we understand that accidents can happen. Certain parts of the sculpture can be fragile and can break.  Broken sculptures from improper use can sometimes be repaired or augmented; simply send it back to us and we will have fun trying to fix it for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to tell us about your situation.

The CDCREATIVE project is based out of Montreal, Canada. CDs are collected in the local area, and the sculptures are made by hand and with the help of machines. Contact us if you'd like to arrange a local pickup.

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